Ares Technology offers full-service machining for parts ranging in size from a wedding ring to a Volkswagen. Ares can provide milling, turning, grinding, and honing as well as other special finishes. Ares uses state of the art systems to ensure precision parts while substantially reducing prove out and scrap.


Our continued commitment to listening to customer needs and providing quality details and services on-time allows us to help you succeed.


Ares can mill parts with 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC mills with the largest envelope at 144” x 144” x 144” and a maximum weight of 30,000 lbs.



Ares can turn parts up to 48” in diameter and 118” in length on 5 axis mill turns. Ares can produce parts with deep bores to tight tolerances.

Grinding & Honing

Ares can perform both ID and OD grinding to provide great surface finishes to tight tolerance. Ares can also provide a wide range of honing services. Ares has produced parts with multiple sealing surfaces with super fine finishes. These parts have had a long service life with minimal seal wear.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified