Global Partners

Ares Technology specializes in providing complex components and assemblies to a wide range of engineering partners around the globe at a competitive cost and to exacting tolerances. Ares’ customers enjoy:

♦ Exceptional Customer Service from our US & UK based program management and sales offices.

♦ Easy access to our manufacturing partners whom we select based on their quality pedigree.

♦ Cost savings without quality reduction due to our global supply base.




Ares is staffed by experienced engineering professionals, combining the best of the defense and automotive engineering worlds. Ares’ core competencies include:

♦ Experience working on large procurement contracts, in particular with US and UK governments as well as global companies.

♦ Highly experienced working with domestic and international manufacturing partners.

♦ Proven track record of taking parts from prototype into production and ensuring quality requirements are met at every stage.

♦ ISO 9001 trained staff able to build and develop inspection and manufacturing protocols to ensure and demonstrate compliance.

♦ Expertise on working in a highly regulated environment.

♦ Design experience working on component and assembly drawings; able to advise on all aspects of design for manufacturing.




♦ Ares works with your design team to ensure that the design is optimized and ready for production.





♦ Designs are then sent to Ares’ manufacturing partners to develop realistic timelines and pricing, while being mindful of requirements for US content requirements and export regulations.





♦ Ares’ quality team will then develop inspection and testing plans to assure compliance. Ares’ personnel are always on site at the manufacturing facility for first run inspection (at a minimum).





♦ Ares’ program management team ensures the program stays on schedule, while managing all logistics requirements.





♦ Ares quality team ensures all inspection & test requirements are carried out to plan, to ensure product is delivered to the customer on time and to spec.





♦ Customers enjoy turnkey procurement with minimal requirement for time spent from internal teams.





ISO 9001:2015 Certified