Program Management

Ares Technology has a team of experienced program managers to help ensure your program goes forward as planned.  Ares personnel can handle projects both large and small, and our staff can work from our office or embed directly at your facility.  Ares’ project managers will work with both internal and external teams to develop a realistic schedule and ensure that your time-sensitive project will complete on time, and that relevant issues are elevated to management, and smaller issues are handled smoothly without unnecessary headaches.


Ares Technology personnel are well versed in all aspects of defense programs. They can adequately handle defense specific issues such as export compliance and Earned Value Management, as well as wide Ares Workflow payments.  Ares will work with your team to ensure that programs go forward and that all issues necessary are adequately resourced to get your program across the finish line on time and in a cost-efficient manner.


Experienced professionals provide program oversight, guidance, coordination, and risk management. We use a structured and proven process to ensure projects align to strategic objectives and achieved desired business goals.


Experienced project management professionals that bring expertise in project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, issue resolution, and risk management. Our staff leverages proven methodology, tools, templates and techniques to ensure success.


We add value to your supply chain with superior assembly, subassembly, warehousing, and quality assurance services. We deliver excellence, every time