Assembly, Kitting & Finishing


Ares Technology has a dedicated assembly facility in Shelby Township, MI. Coupled with Ares’ component manufacturing ability, assembly services allow Ares to provide a turnkey sub-system supply capability for our customers. Ares’ assembly capabilities are focused on military ground vehicle power transmission and running gear components and systems, but Ares also has past experience with component assembly in automotive and aerospace markets. Our highly skilled team can provide assembly services for a broad range of systems, including those requiring tight tolerance interference and shrink fitting.


Ares can also provide our customers with kitting services as well as component manufacturing and assembly. Many of Ares’ customers require hardware kits, as well as other items included with each shipment of components and sub-assemblies. Ares is able to provide this value added service to our customers to simplify production activities for our customers.


Ares works with a variety of metal finishing companies, and being in the Metro-Detroit area means that there a broad range of companies readily available to provide these services. Coatings we are used to providing include but are not limited to:

  ♦ CARC Painting
  ♦ Ferritic Nitro-Carburize
  ♦ Zinc Plating
  ♦ Hard Chrome
  ♦ Copper Plating


ISO 9001:2015 Certified